A 5-Star Resort. For Two.

The Concept

Be the only guests (or guest) at a luxurious property with optional resort-like services.

We can help with everything from the time you step out of the airport until you leave.

Our Offerings

• a stunning two story apartment with 1,200 sq. ft. rooftop and infinity pool

• exclusive use of the entire half-acre ocean view property

• overnight neighbourhood security guard located in gate guardhouse

• gym, yoga space, work space, secure parking

• 90 minute drive from SJO on modern highways

(at additional cost)
• rental car arrangement or airport pickup

• grocery delivery and catering suggestions

• excursion planning and transportation

• on site masseuse and yoga instruction

• poolside drink service

• errand runs

• really, anything (legal) that you want


All a la carte. 

Just like a five star resort,

without all of those pesky other guests around.

The lower apartment houses Brayan,

the property manager.

Brayan is bilingual, and is here to help should you require anything.

I hear he makes a good margarita.

Why Esterillos Oeste?

There are many things to love about Costa Rica.

The warm, friendly, kind people.

The incredible beauty of the landscape.
The abundance of wildlife.

All the tourists that already discovered it.

Well them maybe not so much.

If you’d like to see a part of Costa Rica that’s not built up,
where wild monkeys outnumber residents,

and you can spend your day listening to the surf and the birds

where you can still have the beach to yourself, this is it.

The surfing and fishing are as good as you’ll find anywhere.

There’s what I consider a great restaurant, and a handful of good ones,

but not fifty.

There’s a store that has all the ingredients for pad thai, and fresh oranges,

but not freshly squeezed juice. 

(The tourists, restaurants, and O.J. are twenty minutes away in Jacó,

along with clinics, banks and pharmacies, should you require).

The Location

The beach is a five minute walk,

the stores and restaurants ten.

Esterillos isn’t overly touristy or busy,

and Canada Hill less so. 

So it’s quiet. Wonderfully quiet.


The are a tremendous number of birds,

including macaws, toucans, hawks, hummingbirds, tanagers,

wrens, swifts, sandpipers, vultures and huge flocks of parrots.


Jacó and Manuel Antonio National Park are short drives