Things to Do

Walk the Beach

The beaches of Esterillos are considered amongst the most beautiful in Costa Rica. 

You can walk for a dozen km in either direction and see almost no one.

Hike to a Waterfall

This area has an abundance of stunning waterfalls, some of which are easy to get to and others require a hike. Some are busier with tourists, and others are more of a local secret. Yes, we know those ones and we’ll share.


Snorkel in Tidal Pools

When the tide is mid level, the pools offer sheltered areas to enjoy the ocean without getting pelted by waves. 

Snorkel or just lounge in the calm salt water.

The Hidden Hike

Just up the street you’ll find this surreal area. It was planned as a gated community with golf course, but failed, and is now a cobblestone walk through the jungle.

Horses and cows, instead of golfers,

became the residents

Learn to Surf

We have two terrific instructors, who’ll also rent you a board. Brett of Brett’s Boards 

and Jorge of Aloha Surf, who’s also our lifeguard and keeper of the turtle sanctuary.

Go Fishing

Chiri grew up here and knows the ocean as well as anyone can. 

He’s also a great guy to spend a day with, and is bilingual. 

You’re almost guaranteed to catch something to throw on the barbie.

Not Enough?

There are countless other options including ziplining, horseback excursions, hikes though the jungle over rope bridges, sky diving, bungie jumping, 

white water rafting,  island excursions with snorkeling, crocodile tours, 

animal sanctuaries, spas, and national parks

(Manuel Antonio, probably the most popular in Costa RIca is about 45 minutes away),

All within less than an hour’s drive.

Depending on the time of year that you visit, you may have the chance to see a turtle release, or whales.