I met Brayan in 2019 when he came with the contracting team to work on my house. The team was here for a while – as soon as they finished my house, renovation and construction began at Stealing Time. Brayan’s positive attitude, intelligence and humour led me to the idea of having him around all the time, and he started to work for me in 2021, and has become the Manager of stealing time.  

Brayan and his girlfriend live in the lower apartment.


I moved here from Toronto with Theo, my frenchie, in 2018. 

I had come on vacation a year prior,

and found that  being here made me happy.

In 2020 I bought the property next door and started the transformation into what is now stealing time

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and when you’re here I want you to love it here as much as I do.

I’ve tried to design and equip the entire property to give the very best experience for my guests.  


Theo doesn’t like to be left out of anything,.

I figured he needed a bio.

He’s ten years old and a

delight to spend time with.

If you pull out a camera,

he’ll insist on posing

since he knows how photogenic he is. 

He’ll be excited to know you’re visiting

and will want to come and say hi,

but of course that’s your choice. 

We’re on a separate property next door.